The Icarian Commando Regiment is the backbone of Icarian Special Forces Command. The Commando Regiment is made up of Icarian Commandos; special forces operators who conduct a wide range of missions, including Unconventional Warfare, Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Narcotics, Marinetime Operations, Foreign Internal Defense, Direct Action, Advanced Forward Operations, and conventional military operations.

The Icarian Commandos are broken down into Commando Squadrons, which further break down into Commando troops. Each Squadron consists of 4 major elements: One headquarters element, two commando troops, and one logistics and support troop. All members of a Commando troop are fully qualified Icarian Commandos, and are all riflemen first. While there are additional specialty roles inside each troop, those roles are secondary to a Commando’s primary mission, which is to close with and destroy the enemy.

All Commandos attend the Basic Commando Course prior to assignment to a troop. Once assigned, Commandos undergo additional training in their troop to perfect their insertion/extraction skills, and to develop their combat oriented skills. Additionally, Commandos can attend additional training courses to expand their knowledge and training, forming a highly trained and efficient fighting force for the nation of Icaria.