The Special Operations Aviation Company – SOAC – is a detachment of the Icarian Army Air Force designed to provide close support to Icarian Special Forces Command. This Company is composed of both insertion and recovery specialists, which are assigned to two separate flights inside the company. These flights are detached from their individual squadrons for assignment to the Special Operations Aviation Company.

The insertion squadron of SOAC – Icarian Special Insertion Teams(ISIT) – is tasked with the transportation and resupply of the Commando Regiment, along with providing close air support from both fixed wing and rotary wing platforms. The insertion squadron flies Mi-24Gs, MH-60s, C-130s, and F-15s to provide close support to the Commando Regiment. All insertion squadron pilots are trained to fly each of the airframes, as the number of pilots assigned to SOAC is low, so cross-qualification is a requirement. The insertion squadron is also tasked with operation of the SWCC boats operated by Special Forces Command, and conducts their own additional missions, to include aerial interdiction missions, riverine patrol missions, and base defense missions.

The recovery squadron of SOAC is primarily tasked with medical evacuation and combat search and rescue missions. Additionally, the recovery squadron also conducts non-combat search and rescue missions, assists with base defense, and supports ISIT as they conduct their overall mission in support of the Commando element. Operating out of the MH-60, all recovery specialists are medical personnel, but are also fully commando qualified, which allows them to deploy with the Commandos when needed. All recovery squadron pilots are transferred to the recovery squadron from the insertion squadron, and are then assigned to only the MH-60, as the recovery squadron does not fly any other aircraft.